Alhambra Collection

The inspiration of this collection comes from the beauty of this majestic Nasrid palace reflected in the stucco on its walls.


This collection is a threat to the summit of Andalusian art


Toledo Collection

This collection is a tribute to that ancestral technique that deals with gold threads embedded in the steel with its artisans working the damascene technique I am ecstatic when I walk through its streets to find myself traveling through its cities I meet Toledo and in my multiple trips that I made in Spain

Baroque Collection

This is the flagship collection of the brand, it is inspired by one of the greatest jewels of the Spanish school, the Compañía de Jesus (Quito) and represents that mixture of cultures through art in addition to the Spanish contributions, receives multiple Flemish and Italian influences and Moorish, which, rooted in the Indo-American tradition, give it a special peculiarity of its various sources, since its result is mestizo, the richness of creative harmony in differences.

Our Process

"A tribute to artisans"