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These are shoes that become a real lucky charm. Created with
Stunning color combinations and silhouettes that exude authentic personality in all the senses. Perhaps this is the most accurate description of the Ecuadorian brand Jacqueline Moncayo, founded by Jacqueline Moncayo and Adriana Cobo, Through Pieces
originals that are works of art, Jacqueline Moncayo manages to challenge design standards
with baroque and damask details.

The sculptures that are made up of 24-carat gold-plated heels turn these designs into museum jewels that every closet yearns for. Once again, Latin American crafts offer a picturesque detail; the best ally to follow the maximalist trend that dominates the season. Electric colors full of texture are the expected accessories to complement the style of a woman who is defined by her attitude. As pioneers in mixing power with elegance and the past with the contemporary, the duo have managed to empower each step and leave their imprint on their eternal inspiration. They have made it clear with four collections. 

The name of the brand continues to take accelerated steps in Latin America and the entire world, Above: Jacqueline Moncayo shoes.

-Baroque, Toledo, Templar and the Alhambra-, which demonstrate the artisanal and innate talent that lives in Latin America and the aesthetic vision that conquered Spain for the first time and was established in the region with the arrival of the Spanish in pre-Hispanic times. A thread that also intertwines the history of our roots.

Today, that relationship is shown by the duo behind Jacqueline Moncayo through the empowerment of women. For Jacqueline and Adriana, a shoe is an invaluable object that must live timelessly in the closet, especially if it is one as perfect as the opulent pairs of the brand, to accompany women on any journey.
– Sabrina Llausas


Jacqueline Moncayo

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